Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stomatitis Mouth: Knowing Its Causes and Herbal Remedies

Angular Cheilitis is actually Stomatitis mouth. This is easily recognizable by evident symptoms such as wounds that would seem to be created by paper cuts on your lips and usually on the corners of your mouth. These wounds would likely attract curious stares from other people since they would look like red rashes on the mouth. Stomatitis mouths are even mistaken for herpes or cold sores which is why people would usually flung as far from you as possible. Aside from the social stress that you need to cope up with, you would also feel physical stress from the pain in your mouth.

Those people experiencing Stomatitis mouths have already tried taking varying medicinal approaches to cure the condition. However, every effort does not guarantee a cure especially if you do not know the causes behind your condition.

There are generally two reasons why some people suffer from Stomatitis mouths:
1. Prominent creases and folds on the mouth. These are the favorite breeding grounds of these microbial bacteria that trigger the occurrence of Stomatitis mouth. These creases and folds are usually caused by excessive skin due to wrinkles from aging, excessive weight gain or wrongly fitted teeth or dentures.

2. Presence of moisture deposits on the folds and creases. Once your mouth will keep the folds and creases in it, you would not be far from being part of the statistics of people experiencing Stomatitis mouths. Moisture encourages bacteria to live and survive in your mouth folds. This triggers the start of Stomatitis mouths then.

There are herbal remedies however that will stop moisture from being deposited in the corners of your mouth. If your lips and mouth will only be moisturized enough, you can slowly resolve and remedy your condition. You can go online to obtain tips about these herbal remedies so that you can be on your way to a fast recovery.

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