Sunday, August 1, 2010

Myths about Angular Stomatitis or Perleche

You see people with hideous-looking wounds or cuts on the lip area and the look of it is very unattractive and embarrassing. These unfortunate people with such lesions are possibly suffering from Angular Stomatitis, a type of skin inflammation that is caused by fungal or bacterial growth on the areas of the mouth. Apart from having to bear with the hideous appearance due to the fissures, it is also physically painful to the skin.

Not a lot of us are familiar about this skin condition so certain misconceptions and myths have been grasped without a clear understanding of what Angular Stomatitis really is. In order to clear out cobwebs and learn about the disease better, here are two common fallacies we must know:

a. Angular Stomatitis is not the same as herpes or cold sore. Although there are similarities in the appearance and manifestation such as crusts, cracked mouth corners, chapped and dry lips, the treatment for this type of skin inflammation is not exactly the same as that of the abovementioned since the nature of the condition is entirely different.

b. Contrary to common misconceptions that it is contagious, Angular Stomatitis is not a transmittable disease, no matter how ugly and unattractive it may appear on the skin.

So, when someone has this disease, there is nothing much to fear about but it is still helpful to be educated with certain facts about it. So here are truths about Angular Stomatitis:

a. Anyone can get the infection, but studies reveal that the elderly are more prone to it.
b. Those who have existing skin allergies and certain skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis are more easily affected by the disease.
c. Anyone with a poor immune system, vitamin-deficient, and experiencing malnourishment is more likely to develop the infection.

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