Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to Treat Angular Cheilitis the Easy Way

The treatment of Angular cheilitis depends generally on its cause and since cheilitis is a form of disease that can be formed due to the absence of essential nutrients that protects the skin, vitamin rich diet or supplements of vitamin B complex and Iron must be provided to the person who is suffering from recurrent cheilitis. If you are not sure what causes your cheilitis then you better consult your dermatologist so that he could pinpoint the factors that cause your ailment. Dermatologists so far are the very persons who can help you how to treat angular cheilitis effectively and in fact they are more knowledgeable than other doctors because analyzing and treating skin conditions are part of their specialization. If you have a recurring and persistent skin conditions, better look for the advice of a dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treatment.

Actually, there are many ways on how to treat Angular cheilitis the easy way and you need this information if you want to visit your dermatologist so that you will understand what he will be talking about with regards to your illness. However, let’s take a look first on what causes Angular cheilitis so that you can understand also about the treatment.

Angular cheilitis is commonly caused by a yeast infection. This type of yeast is called the Candida albicans, a fungus that thrives on moist areas of our skin. When you always have saliva on the corners of your mouth you are most likely to be prone to Angular cheilitis. This disease can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, bad habits, low on skin vitamins and other factors. Cheilitis usually goes away after few days or can even be suppressed by using home remedies such as applying aloe vera, honey, petroleum jelly and medicated lip balm. However, the more potent medications are those that will be advised by your dermatologist and these can include topical antifungal medications that contain triamcinolone, nystatin, and acetoide. So far, any medication that contains these elements can be considered a sure and easy way on how to treat Angular cheilitis.

Topical creams can reduce the fungal infection by killing the fungus that is on the skin. It also relieves the itching, inflammation and rawness of the affected skin. However, you must know the proper application of the cream because basically any topical cream intended to treat wounds contains steroids so avoid ingesting it or else you can experience bad side effects. How to treat Angular cheilitis once you have the cream should be done with great cautions. Topical ointments that have steroids are not also applicable for children’s use.

Normally, bacterial infection is most likely to add to the infection caused by the fungal organisms and in this manner your dermatologist must make his analysis to find out what strain of bacteria is doubling the infection. He can recommend double action creams or creams that can kill both fungal and microbial organisms.

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