Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Treat Angular Cheilitis

Ways to Treat Angular Cheilitis for a Painless Pucker

Angular Cheilitis can be an embarrassing and painful skin problem if not immediately treated. Also known as perleche, this skin disorder causes mouth corners to crack and become sore due to fungal and bacterial infection. Though commonly experienced by those who live on places with extreme temperatures, perleche can also be caused by unfitted dentures, allergens, and having a weak immune system caused by nutritional deficiencies. Nowadays, there are many natural remedies and commercial products which can be used to treat Angular Cheilitis.

For natural treatments, keeping the area surrounding the mouth constantly dry is important because the accumulation of saliva on the corners of the mouth encourages bacterial growth which causes the infection. People who have drooling problems can try making a ginger concoction to prevent this skin disorder.

Olive oil, petroleum jelly, and aloe vera can also be used to treat Angular Cheilitis. Olive oil is best to be used for chapped lips while petroleum jelly can be applied as shield to protect the affected areas. Many people prefer to use petroleum jelly to treat Angular Cheilitis because accordingly it lets the skin underneath to heal faster. As for aloe vera, it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which make it perfect to use for Angular Cheilitis treatment. Cleaning the affected mouth area with pre-boiled lukewarm water can also be done to treat cheilitis because the temperature can kill or reduce the presence of bacteria on the area.

Aside from these home remedies, there are also commercial products that can be used to treat Angular Cheilitis. One that is unlikely but effective example is the athlete’s foot cream. Some people use it because athlete’s foot creams contain both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are needed to kill the organisms that cause Angular Cheilitis. In using this kind of cream, applying it twice a day in small dosages is already enough. Using too much may cause irritations since athlete’s foot creams are not intended to use for oral or facial applications so be aware on its effect and watch out if you have any sensitivity on it.

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