Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Remove Split Corner of Mouth

There are so many health reasons why you now have split corner of mouth which is just one of the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis. Knowing only one symptom though will not really be able to help you. When the affliction will hit the corners of your mouth, this is when you will truly experience pain. Simple actions such as eating, talking, laughing, and yawning could not be done any longer without you twisting your face in pain. What you need to do now in order not to feel the full blown painful effect of the split corners of mouth would be to follow these tips.

1. Sanitation is necessary at all times. Since you would not want to aggravate your situation by rubbing in more germs that would breed more bacteria, you have to disinfect and clean your hands first. These aim to get the oil and bacteria out of your hands. Wash your hands with disinfectant and then clean it up with flowing water to wash away bad bacteria.

2. Prepare dish soap and put it near your sink so that it will only be within your reach. Then, wash the split corner of mouths with clean water. Rub water into the inner sides of your cuts. Rinse after the rubbing period. Do the same chain of activities for forty seconds.

3. Put some dish soap onto your hands. Take the soap near your cuts and rub it gently around the area for about thirty seconds. You have to endure the stinging sensation on the split corner of mouth but you should continue with the process. Do not let pain deter your healing process. Do this twice a day.

4. Rub the cream into the area. Apply the cream about a half inch radius around it.
You need to do the same process four times everyday. You will be able to see the results in just a couple of days.

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