Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heal Angular Cheilitis the Natural Way

How to Heal Angular Cheilitis the Natural Way

Having Angular Cheilitis is not only painful but embarrassing as well because of the noticeable red cracks it causes on the sides of the mouth. The main cause of this skin disorder is the accumulation of saliva on the constantly moistened corners of the mouth and the growth of yeast that are prevalent in the environment. People who are also allergic to some cosmetic products and have vitamin deficiencies are also vulnerable to Angular Cheilitis and this makes the skin problem common today. For those who are looking for surefire treatments for cheilitis, there are a couple of home remedies which can serve as answers to the issue on how to heal Angular Cheilitis.

The simplest of these remedies is to use petroleum jelly to cover the affected parts of the mouth. Using petroleum jelly is more recommended compared to the use of over the counter ointments because petroleum jelly is milder and can serve as a good protection to the skin without the usual irritations caused by other ointments. Using cucumber slices or aloe vera gel is also considered good options on the matter of how to heal Angular Cheilitis because these two natural plants have healing and cooling components which also give relief to pain.

For those who are looking for ways on how to heal Angular Cheilitis without using other products, drinking lots of water can help a lot. Having plenty of water a day is a good way to keep the skin moisturized and healthy from the inside. Moreover, since cheilitis is a skin disorder that is also caused by vitamin deficiencies, eating a balanced diet rich with nutrients and vitamins can be the permanent solution to the subject of how to heal Angular Cheilitis. Including green leafy vegetables and other foods like tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and fruits on the diet can also strengthen the body’s immune system so that the healing process of the infected part is sped up. Taking supplements together with a balanced diet can also help.

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