Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fast Healing of Mouth Sores: Angular Cheilitis Tea Tree Oil Treatment

Angular Cheilitis is a common skin problem which may plague people of all ages. Characterized by cracked mouth corners, itching, and chapping of the lips, this skin disorder may not only cause constant pain on a person but embarrassment as well because of the noticeable lesions it causes. Angular Cheilitis arises from saliva accumulation on the sides of the mouth. The moist environment becomes the place where bacteria and fungus can thrive, further causing an infection. Other causes of cheilitis are allergies, dermatitis, HIV, nutrient and vitamin deficiencies, and ill-fitting dentures.

Of all the many effective home remedies which can be used nowadays, using an Angular Cheilitis tea tree oil treatment is one of the most well recommended practices because the oils from this tree have been proven to have effective healing properties on wounds. Tea tree oil has been used since the ancient times because of the relief sensation it triggers when applied on affected areas.

Using Angular Cheilitis tea tree oils is also advantageous because it has components which can stop the normal multiplication of bacteria. Mixing tea tree oil with petroleum jelly is also better especially during extreme cold weather. The anti-fungal properties of the tea tree oil and the protection provided by the jelly speed up the healing process of the chapped lips.

In Angular Cheilitis tea tree oil treatment, using pure tea tree oil is not recommended because the oil has a very strong chemical component that can cause more irritation if applied on the skin. Thus, it is recommended that few drops of vitamin E are mixed on the oil to dilute it. Honey is also a good mixture for the oil because just like the Angular Cheilitis tea tree oil, honey also contains anti-bacterial properties which help the lesions to heal quickly. Honey can also be helpful in relieving the pain from the sores.

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