Friday, July 9, 2010

Cracked Corners of Mouth

Know the Reasons behind Those Cracked Corners of Mouth

Angular Cheilitis is a skin disease which causes cracked corners of mouth and chapped lips. Even though this skin problem is not fatal, it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable because of the itching and embarrassment it brings to the person. Angular Cheilitis comes from the saliva accumulation on the sides of the mouth wherein bacteria and fungus start to collect and develop into an infection. Sometimes, this skin disease causes the cracked corner of mouth to develop crusts and in extreme cases full-out bleeding on wounds can occur.

Other causes of Angular Cheilitis are ill-fitting dentures, vitamin deficiencies, allergies to cosmetics, and dermatitis. Old people who need to use dentures are some of the common sufferers of this skin problem. Dentures which do not fit properly on a person’s gums may cause the person to salivate than normal. The person’s mouth will be most likely to remain close to prevent saliva from drooling over and in this case there is the development of skin creases on the corners of the mouth and saliva can accumulate in there. The moist environment can attract fungi and bacteria and finally cracked corners of the mouth would appear. Allergies to cosmetics like lipsticks and other products like toothpaste may also cause cracked corners of mouth.

For those who constantly have dry lips, using petroleum jelly is recommended because it does not contain the same harsh chemicals lipsticks or flavored lip balms have. Cheilitis is also being linked to insufficiencies of vitamins B2 and B12 in the body and when there is the development of cracked corners of mouth, this can be a sign that there is an out of order eating habit. This is the reason why having a healthy diet filled with green leafy vegetables and fruits are prescribed to those who have frequent skin diseases. Sometimes Angular Cheilitis can also be caused by a weak immune system due to other health problems like HIV, cancer and diabetes. If a person has any form of this condition, it is better if he could strengthen his body’s defenses as much as possible by following a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

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