Friday, July 9, 2010

Angular Glossitis Treatment

The Facts about Angular Glossitis and its Treatment

If you can see those many small bumps in your tongue that have different sizes and pinkish in color, this indicates that you have a healthy tongue. These small bumps are called papillae and they are there to complete your sense of taste. However, if your tongue starts to get inflamed, swells and see that the papillae starts to disappear while the surface of your tongue begins to look smooth and glossy, this could be an indication that you have tongue infections that is brought about by bacteria or viruses. In the scientific world when the tongue gets infected, this is usually termed as Angular glossitis.

The actual cause of this ailment can be from many factors. It could be due to your allergic reactions to medications, too much smoking and drinking or eating constantly spicy foods. These factors can irritate your tongue and get Angular glossitis in return. When your tongue starts to swell, turn dark red and can be very sensitive to touch then be cautious because it can be a case of severe form of glossitis. If this becomes worse, it can critically hinder your eating, speaking and other regular activities you do with your mouth.

Some conditions for Angular glossitis are usually harmless so they are not rendered acute. Some cases are chronic which means occasionally it comes and goes away by itself. However, when its occurrence becomes frequent and gets aggravated easily, you better seek the help of your doctor or dentist so that they can trace what causes the infection. There are some people who inherit this form of disease but environmental factors are also associated with the development of this ailment.

Maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet with proper oral hygiene is the best way to prevent this condition but if it is already there you have to address this with proper treatment as recommended by your doctor. Usually oral antibiotics will be prescribed such as medicated mouth gurgles, antibiotics in capsule or applications of medicine directly into the tongue. Make sure you have your doctor’s or dentist’s advice with your Angular glossitis so that the infection can be stopped.

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