Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Angular Cheilitis eMedicine

Identifying the Best Angular Cheilitis eMedicine

Angular Cheilitis or simply known as cheilosis is a rheumatoid condition that specifies infection on the nooks of the mouth. Though small and almost unnoticed during its primary stage, in just days of being infected, the disease can cause you painful and agonizing sores that can form ulcers and crusts if left unattended. The most common causes of cheilitis are the fungous or bacterial contagions that generally thrive on accumulated saliva and so we are pertaining to the corners of our mouth. Until now, there are no known accurate Angular cheilitis emedicine that can totally stop the disease from spreading but there are always medicines and alternative form of treatment to stop further infections and enhance healing.

Cheilosis or cheilitis usually last for days or even for a week before it goes out by itself without treatment. However, if secondary infections occur, more sores and bigger lesions can occur and the condition of the skin will become severe. This event may take more weeks and even months to subside especially if no Angular cheilitis emedicines are applied.

Home remedies such as tea tree oil, honey, alove vera extract, and petroleum jelly may provide soothing relief but some people think they are not very effective alternative for Angular cheilitis. If you have severe form of infection already, your doctor can possibly offer you oral or topical anti-fungal medicines such as hydrocortisones, Mycostatin, Ketoconazole or Clotrimazole.

Your doctor can also recommend you the intake of B vitamins and Iron because obviously if you are infected with cheilitis, you are low with these essential nutrients. He will also conduct some tests to exactly know the causes and the right Angular cheilitis medicine for you. Chronic cheilitis are the type of mouth infections that are usually hard to stop because the disorder could be triggered not by underlying environmental factors but by genetic factors so if you have chronic infection a thorough investigation on your case must be handled. You may research online for your very own Angular cheilitis emedicine.

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