Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Treat Angular Cheilitis

Find Out How to Treat Angular Cheilitis - Treatment For Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis, which is also otherwise known as Angular Stomatitis, Cheilosis, or Perleche, is a skin inflammatory condition that can be damaging to the epidermis specifically on the mouth area. The infection is bilateral, targeting both sides of the mouth and lips or the labial commissures. The disease is characterized by inflammatory lesions and fissures and these cracks can bleed with the movements of the mouth. Physically, it damages the skin due to the wounds and fissures it creates, and at the same time it emotionally affects the person who is unfortunate to suffer from the illness.

An affected person must know how to treat Angular Cheilitis before it even gets worse. If the lesions start to manifest on the mouth area and the lips, infection then occurs because of bacteria or fungi called Candida albicans that would thrive on the infected part. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria on the wounds, it is crucial to learn how to treat Angular Cheilitis.

Doctors and dentists know very well how to treat Angular Cheilitis. They normally diagnose the severity of the condition and prescribe recommended medication to remedy the infection. However, if the symptoms have just manifested, one can use natural remedies to combat the spreading of bacteria which worsens the infection. Lip balm will serve as a lip protection from the cold weather condition since the lips dry up and start to crack with cool temperature. There are also available home remedies if antibiotics and creams are not an option. You can choose from among the following:

a. tea tree oil
b. olive oil
c. coconut oil
d. cocoa

Eating healthy and nutritious foods is also an effective way. You must widen your options in deciding how to treat Angular Cheilitis since drug medication does not completely heal the inflammation.

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